Welcome to the St. Mary's Soccer U6/U7/U8 Academy Program!

St. Mary's Soccer offers academy-style training to better focus on player development, so all players receive consistent skill training each week. Coaches are provided a training curriculum that is player-centered and developmentally appropriate. The U06/U07/U08 academies offer a boys' and girls' division for each age group. All academy training nights are led by volunteer coaches with assistance from a site coordinator. Volunteer coaches are always needed and can register through the website.

U06, U07, and U08 ages will have an option to select Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night as their preferred academy training night. This will be the only night of the week these ages practice. The games for these age groups are typically held on Saturdays. There may be an occasional Friday evening game.

Age groups are determined by calendar year of birth. For the fall of 2022, U06 is 2017 birthdays, U07 is 2016 birthdays, and U08 is 2015 birthdays. Groups reset each fall season and run through the next spring. For example, in the fall 2022 season, all 2016 birthdays are in U07 and will remain in U07 for the spring 2023 season. "Playing up" to an older age group is generally not allowed. Please keep these details in mind when expecting school classmates to be in the same age group. They often are not.

Academy training sessions are held in two locations to better serve our players throughout St. Mary's County. Chaptico Park is the academy practice location for the north area of the county, and Chancellors Run Regional Park is the academy practice location for the south/central area of the county.

Registration is now closed for the fall 2022 season.

When Will I Hear from a Coach?

Rest assured we work hard on rosters and get them to coaches as soon as possible. Coaches will then reach out to parents. The greatest source of delay is coaching shortages, which are a problem every season. Please consider volunteering to coach. We are a nearly 100% volunteer organization, and we depend on parent coaches.

In the unlikely event you don't hear from a coach before your first scheduled practice, please come to the field anyhow. We always have staff on hand who can direct you to your team.

Equipment Requirements for U06 to U08

Players in our academy programs must wear shin guards to practice and to play in games. Each player will receive one pair of soccer socks at their first practice, but it's a good idea to have more. Players use a size 3 ball, not size 4 (U10 and U12) or size 5 (U14 and U18). Each player should bring a water bottle marked with their name. Juices, sports drinks, and snacks are not permitted on artificial turf fields where practices are held.

Regarding footwear, cleats are ideal for both grass fields (games) and turf (practices).  Turf shoes also work on both surfaces. Sneakers can be worn, but keep in mind that players are more likely to slip and fall when not wearing cleats.

Game Schedule Information

Recreation practices begin the week of Monday, August 29. Games begin the weekend of Friday, September 9. Thank you for your patience as we work to build schedules for the season. It takes some time, and we'll let everyone know when schedules are ready.

Information for Coaches

Academy coaches do not need to bring any equipment. Players should bring their own soccer balls, and each practice area will already be set with a pair of small goals. A bunch of cones will also be placed in each area. At the end of each session, coaches should pack up their cones and goals (which usually have Velcro strips to keep them from popping open), then bring them to a common area. For example, at CRRP, all equipment can be placed by the gate nearest the Loffler Center building. Do not leave your equipment sitting on the field, as older teams use the fields after academy sessions are done.

Background Check for Coaches

The county requires all coaches to submit a background check once per calendar year (i.e., every spring season or every fall season, depending on your schedule).  Badges are then printed and can be picked up at Leonard Hall.  It takes a few weeks.  You might (or might not) get an email from the county letting you know your badge is ready.  Be sure to check your spam folder, as this has been a consistent issue.

Click here to submit your background check.

Academy Training Sessions and Field Grids

Click on these links to download zip files containing all the weekly training sessions. The T/W/R field grids for Chaptico and CRRP are also available below, so coaches and parents can find their team's exact location.

U06 Academy Sessions

U07 Academy Sessions

U08 Academy Sessions

T/W/R Field Grid for Fall 2022

Fall 2022 field grids will be posted by the end of Monday, August 29.





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