High School Tryouts 2004

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U17 boys The supplemental tryout will be held Saturday 11 December 2004 from 8:30 to 10:00 AM at CRRP on soccer field #4.


U18 and U19 girls - There will not be an open second tryout.  Additional evaluations will be conducted by invitation of the coach only.


U16 girls Open tryouts will be held on Saturday and Sunday 18-19 December 2004 from 1:00 3:00 PM at CRRP on Soccer field #4.  The tryout is intended for 14 and 15 year old girls, 8th and 9th graders primarily, with the goal of participation in WAGS.  Participation in both tryouts is highly encouraged.



The St. Mary's United (SMU) Soccer Club is a growing organization dedicated to both coach and player development.  Presently, SMU has travel teams participating in the Washington Area Girls Soccer League (WAGS), National Capital Soccer League (NCSL), Baltimore Beltway Soccer League (BBSL), Maryland Premier Soccer League (MPSL) and the Central Maryland Short-sided Soccer League (CMSSL).  SMU continually strives to provide quality coaching under the guidance of Mr. Herb Gainey, the SMU clubs Director of Coaching and Player Development (DCPD).


The following general information is provided for your awareness and for those interested in participating in upcoming SMU club travel team tryout activity:


Tryout Registration Process for St. Mary's United (SMU) Travel Teams

1.      Registration for the SMU NCSL U17 (players born 1 August 1987 or later) and WAGS U18 (players born 1 August 1986) and U19 (players born 1 August 1985) teams will be held at CRRP Soccer Field 2 on Saturday November 13, 2004 starting at 0830.  The tryout activity will start at 0900 and run to approximately 1030.  A second tryout will be held on Monday November 22, 2004 at CRRP from 6 8 PM on baseball field number one (1).  All tryout participants are required check in at the registration desk to obtain a number.

2.      Tryout Team information:

a.   NCSL U17 Division 4, possibly Division 3

1.      Coach Mike Mitchell.

2.      Coach Joe Valentino

3.      Roster 15 to 18 players.


b.      WAGS U18 Division 1

1.      Coach Gary Goodwin

2.      Trainer Herb Gainey

3.      Roster Coach Goodwin is looking to supplement his current roster by as many as four players.


c.      WAGS U19 Division 2, possibly Division 1

1.      Coach Brice Elliott

2.      Trainer TBD.

3.      Roster 16 to 18 players.

3.      Pre-registration is not necessary; however, it is encouraged that the SMU tryout registration form found on this website be downloaded, completed and brought with you on Saturday, 13 November 2004, to expedite the checkin process.  Tryout registration forms will be available at the tryout registration table(s) and will have to be completed prior to finishing the checkin process.  Identification numbers for each tryout participant will be assigned as part of the checkin process, following receipt of a completed tryout registration form and confirmation of age.

4.      A parent must accompany their tryout participant to complete registration for the tryout activity if the application is to be completed at CRRP.  If the tryout participant has downloaded and successful completed the form parental accompaniment is not necessary.  Please bring the following to the first tryout attended:


a.     Insurance information, company name, and policy number.

b.     Proof of age for the tryout (not required if you currently are carded with an SMU travel team or were carded with an SMU travel team in the preceding year, 03-04.)  For purposes of the tryout activity, proof-of-age can be demonstrated using a previous years USYS player pass, birth certificate, passport, military dependent ID, or drivers permit or license.

c.     Contact information mailing address, home and parent's work phone numbers, and a valid, operational email address that can be used for communications between the SMU club and the tryout participant.

5.      All tryout participants must complete a tryout registration form, either prior to or upon arriving at the tryout location.  A tryout registration table will be set up and labeled by team age group and league, and each tryout participant should proceed to the table location for the team in which they are interested.

6.      Tryout participants need to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the tryout.

7.      Each tryout participant is responsible for bringing the following to each tryout event:


a.       Appropriate footwear.

b.      A ball (size 5), marked with the tryout participants name in indelible marker.

c.       Shin guards (required, players will not be allowed to tryout without them).

d.      Two shirts, one Red, one White (numbers are not necessary).

e.       Personal water or sports drink.

8.      Tryout participants for the NCSL U17 team will be directed to the end of Field 2 furthest from the parking lot.

9.      Tryout participants for the WAGS U18 and U19 teams will be directed to the end of Field 2 closest to the parking lot.

10.  Parents are welcome to stay and observe the tryout activity.  However, we ask that anyone who decides to stay and observe refrain from directing any comments to the tryout participants (either their own child or another) or any evaluation panel member.  This will enable all concerned to focus on the effort at hand and put their best foot forward. For the Saturday, 13 November 2004 tryout activity, we ask that you please view the tryout from either the parking lot in front of Field 2 (staying behind the fencing located there) or from the hill located between Fields 1 and 2, keeping all Field 2 endlines and sidelines free for use in the tryout activity.  People will be asked by SMU club representatives to move themselves to one of the two designated observation locations if they happen to end up in these restricted areas.  Only tryout participants, tryout evaluation panel members, and designated SMU club officials will be allowed on and around Field 2 during the tryout activity.  During the tryout activity, questions from parents and/or other observers should be directed to the SMU club representative(s) located at the registration table.  For the Monday, 22 November 2004 tryout activity, we ask that you please view the tryout from outside the fence surrounding the baseball field.  The SMU club wants to provide the most effective environment for both the tryout participants and evaluation panel, and greatly appreciates your cooperation in accomplishing this.


About the Tryout

1.      A panel of experienced SMU coaches will evaluate the tryout participants performance, based on their knowledge, experience, and understanding of the leagues the teams will participate in.

2.      The tryout activities will consist of:


a.       1-v-1 games.

b.      4-v-4 games.

c.       8-v-8 games.


NOTE: Goalkeeper tryout participants should identify themselves for placement and evaluation of their goalkeeping skill during the 8-v-8 portion of the tryout.


3.      The tryout evaluation panel will meet after each tryout to discuss and document each tryout participants performance.

4.      At the conclusion of the tryout process, the tryout evaluation panel will rank all the tryout participants within the age group for which they have tried out, based on the strength of the tryout participants showing and the knowledge of the requirements of the particular teams age group and league.  This ranking will then be submitted to the SMU Club President and DCPD for review.

5.      After the SMU Club President and DCPD have completed their review of the tryout participants ranking, a meeting will be held between the team coach, the SMU Club President and the DCPD to finalize the proposed team makeup for the NCSL U17 and WAGS U19 team rosters.  In the case of the WAGS U18 team, consultation will be provided to Coach Goodwin.

6.      Following the finalization of the team makeup by the coach, the SMU Club President, and the DCPD, the SMU Club President and/or DCPD will communicate individual tryout results with each tryout participant.  With the holidays rapidly approaching we will be as expeditious as possible.  If possible we would like to accomplish a portion of this by e-mail.  This communication will be either an offer of a position on the team for which the participant tried out, or a statement that the tryout participant was not selected for the team for which they tried out.   If a team position is offered, the communication will identify the time period in which the accepted player has to respond as to whether he/she desires to commit to the particular SMU club team.

7.      Should a selected tryout participant accept an offer to play on the SMU club team for which an offer is extended, they must be prepared to commit themselves fully to the training sessions, matches, compliance with SMU club bylaws, and any tournaments the team expects to participate in.  If a selected tryout participant is not willing to provide this level of commitment, he/she should not accept the SMU club's offer.

8.      Any questions regarding this information on SMU club tryout activity should be directed to the SMU Club President, Chris Garcia, at cgarcia@gmpexpress.net.





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