Travel & RecPlus Team Formation for the 2022/2023 Seasonal Year

We’re excited to announce dates for the upcoming evaluations for the Fall 2022/Spring 2023 seasonal year.  Registration is open, and there is no fee to register for these evaluations.  All players interested in any age Travel or U8/U10 RecPlus programs should register and must attend at least one evaluation. All evaluations will be held on the turf fields at either Chancellors Run Regional Park, 21905 Chancellors Run Rd, Great Mills, MD  20634 or Chaptico Park, 26600 Budds Creek Rd, Mechanicsville, MD 20659.  Players should attend the evaluations for their given birth year: 


2015/2016 U8 - Jan 1, 2015 through Dec 31, 2016  (RecPlus only) 

2014 U9 - Jan 1, 2014 through Dec 31, 2014  (Travel & RecPlus)

2013 U10 - Jan 1, 2013 through Dec 31, 2013  (Travel & RecPlus)

2012 U11 - Jan 1, 2012 through Dec 31, 2012 

2011 U12 - Jan 1, 2011 through Dec 31, 2011

2010 U13 - Jan 1, 2010 through Dec 31, 2010

2009 U14 - Jan 1, 2009 through Dec 31, 2009

2008 U15 - Jan 1, 2008 through Dec 31, 2008

2007 U16 - Jan 1, 2007 through Dec 31, 2007

2006 U17 - Jan 1, 2006 through Dec 31, 2006

2005 U18 - Jan 1, 2005 through Dec 31, 2005

2004 U19 - Jan 1, 2004 through Dec 31, 2004


Travel teams are formed for each years’ age group from U9 to U19, as numbers permit.  The U10 RecPlus teams will be formed by combining 2014 U9 and 2013 U10 players.


SMS U9 Travel Info Flyer (Birth Year 2014)


What to Bring:

  • Appropriate athletic attire and footwear. (No zippers on clothing, shorts in particular.)
  • A ball (size 3 U8, size 4 U9-U12, size 5 all others), marked with the player’s name in permanent marker and properly inflated.
  • Shin guards (required, players will not be allowed to play without them).
  • Personal water

*  No current travel team or ODP apparel is allowed.  Any player showing up wearing Club or State attire will be asked to change, if they cannot change their attire they will not be allowed to participate in the evaluations.



Please contact Amy King @ with questions.




* Additional date added for U10 RecPlus *


St. Mary's Soccer is holding an additional evaluation for the U10 RecPlus program (2013 and 2014 age years) for both boys and girls.  The U10 RecPlus evaluation is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14th; check in at 5:15pm; evaluation from 5:30-7pm.


The final evaluation for U8 RecPlus boys and girls program (2015 and 2016 age years) is scheduled for Monday, June 13th; check in at 5:15pm; evaluation from 5:30-7pm.


There is no fee to register for these evaluations.  All players interested in the U8/U10 RecPlus programs should register and attend at least one evaluation.  If your U10 aged player attended the U9 or U10 travel evaluations held in May, they do not have to attend the evaluation on June 14th.  However, this evaluation does give the RecPlus coaches the opportunity to see the players in both age groups at one setting.






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