Fall 2018 Recreational Changes

Families, when you register, you'll see a few changes to the age groups.


Starting with the Fall 2018 season, the following AGe Groups will be used.


 - Kiddie Kick, U6, U7, U8, U10, U12, U14 and U18.  

 - U10 is a combination of U9/U10; U12 is a combination of U11/U12; U14 is a combination of U13/U14 and

   U18 combines all High School age groups of U15/U16/U17/U18.


Birth Year Age groups will NOT change; they will remain as they were last year.


To determine your childs true age group, subtract your childs birth year from 2019.  the result will be their true age group.


For example, a child born in the year 2010 would determine their age group as follows.

   2019 - 2010 = 9  The player would be a true U9 player by birth year.


For more infomation on Age Groups, please review this presentation.  Age Groups Fall 2018


For more information on the Build Out Line for 7v7 games, please review this presentation.  Build Out Line